Sexuality in TVD: Fingersmith – notes

Representation of sexuality in Fingersmith:

-Forbidden love, or rather, lust; homosexual – illicit between the two women (one way: Maud likes Sue)

-Unrequited love (Rivers/male rep): dominant, forceful, aggressive, almost villainous

-Male rep. of sexuality is threatening

-Maud’s love is hidden/secretive

-Sexuality displayed in a very sensual/erotic manor

-Some cultural references/references to the time period can be made, eg. how sexuality was perceived back in the Victorian era


-Eyeline matches, match on action shots and close-ups used to create further sexual tension/intensity in the clip

-Pan used to establish environment, along with the classic establishing shots

-Handheld camerawork to show uncertainty and turmoil that the characters feel

-2-shots used to create intensity when dealing with the chemistry between the characters


-Dissolves/cross dissolves used to create a soft, romantic touch

-A blurred effect is applied for the same intentions as the dissolves, but also to focus on a particular character by blurring everything in the background

-Mirror shot at the beginning has a hazy, sensual ambiance to it as the mirror is tinted -> gives off a similar effect to the blurred effect

Sound and Music:

-Calm piano score at the start to establish/reinforce the time era in question, as well as the mood/tone of the clip

-Heavy breathing to add sexual tension

-Piano accelerates into a flute score/orchestra to mark tension and intensified emotions

-Narrative is highly elegant to establish the time era/sophistication Maud is supposed to have as she pretends to be wealthy

-The line ‘She’s coming’ can be seen as an innuendo, adds further tension to the scene

-Strong oboe score used to add the element of danger

Mise en Scène:

-Victorian clothing and props to set time era in question

-Soft lighting to add sensuality

-Blue sky and otherwise idyllic settings, to establish that Maude is experiencing turmoil in what seems to be the perfect world

-Rivers taking off Maude’s glove can be seen as a grander gesture; as undressing Maude herself, courting her

-Red paint drops to establish danger, but also romance, with the colour chosen



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